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Authentic German Bavarian Pretzel Rolls & Buns,
Chicago Style, But Now Available In
Pensacola, Florida & Mobile, Alabama!

Are you looking for a gourmet, delicious, moist, tasty "Authentic German Bavarian" pretzel bun or roll for hot or cold sandwiches? Chicago Pretzels buns and rolls are perfect for serving deli sandwiches, brats/bratz, Italian beefs, hot dogs, hamburgers any other kind of hot or cold sandwiches. Serve our delicious pretzels buns and rolls warm or room temperature, salted (or not). Chicago Pretzels takes great pride in making all our gourmet products by hand with HIGH QUALITY, ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVE INGREDIENTS", then shaped and baked to perfection! We offer 2 different sizes of our buns and rolls, why? Our large 3.5 oz. pretzel buns and rolls are made for the real hearty pretzel lovers, while our mini 1.5 oz. buns and rolls are great for those who like to eat on the lighter side, or are looking to use them as appetizers. Chicago Pretzel products come fresh or frozen without salt. Why without salt? Moisture will blister the pretzel if there is plenty of moisture mixed with heat. When our products come frozen, we immediately freeze our products to lock in the moisture and freshness. Beacause of no preservatives, this keeps our products as fresh as when we took them right out of the oven. We offer packaged salt on the side for all our pretzel products, as we have stated, because salt can blister the beautiful look of our pretzel products. We offer scheduled deliveries. Chicago Pretzels operating hours do very on a daily and weekly basis. So please call ahead.

What Type Of Products Does Chicago Pretzels
Offer In Chicago & Pensacola, Florida?

  • Pretzels
  • Buns & Rolls
  • Pretzel Dogs
  • Bread Bowls
  • Pretzel Croutons
  • Pretzel Breadcrumbs
  • Pretzel Buns From Chicago Pretzels! Try our Delicious Boxed Lunches. Our Signature Pretzel Sandwich pictured here is our Pretzelotta Italian Deli Sandwich. We do offer delivery services to Schaumburg and the surrounding areas. See our lunch menu!Da Turk Deli Sandwich, On Chicago Pretzel Bun! See our Schaumburg boxed Lunch Menu and delivery services.
    Gourmet Authentic German Bavarian Pretzel, Chicago Style!
    Chicago Pretzels Authentic German Bavarian Soft Pretzel Rolls
    Brat On A Authentic German Bavarian Soft Pretzel Roll/Bun
    Chicago Pretzels Italian Beef Sandwich On Our Authentic German Bavarian Pretzel Roll! See our Schaumburg Lunch Delivery Services!

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